Workin' Moms

Four women juggle love, careers, and parenthood. They support, challenge, and try not to judge each other as life throws them curveballs. Whether it is an identity crisis, a huge job opportunity, postpartum depression, or an unplanned pregnancy –...

Duration:30 mins

Quality: HD



Season 1 - Workin' Moms
"Kate enthusiastically returns to work following her maternity leave and is faced with the ultimate challenge: Can she \"have it all?\" Anne gets shocking news, and Frankie experiences postpartum depression in her unique Frankie way."
"Kate manages to find time for everything except for her husband. Anne deals with her misbehaving daughter. Jenny's first day back at work doesn't go as planned."
"Kate must deal with Frankie and her problem. Anne tries to be strict with her misbehaving daughter. Jenny pretends to be dumber than she is to get a pass at work."
"Kate makes a big mistake when she asks her mother to babysit her kids. Anne hires a tough nanny to deal with her misbehaving daughter. Jenny finds comfort in her work."
"Kate is forced by her mother to let go of her old dog. Frankie gets in trouble after taking Anne's advice at face value. Anne's plan to let a tough nanny deal with her kid backfires big time."
"Kate likes weird porn. Jenny deals with Marvin. Frankie realizes she has issues."
"Trouble at work jeopardizes Kate's family dinner. Anne tries to understand her misbehaving daughter. Ian wants to crowdfund his movie and gets Jenny to come up with a perfect Kickstarter promo for this."
"Kate looks for a nanny. Jenny organizes a bachelorette party for a coworker. Giselle deals with Frankie's fear of intimacy."
"Kate gets a promotion, but it's in Montreal. Anne is so stressed out it literally hurts her. Jenny's plan to go on a wild night out backfires."
"Kate must deal with separation anxiety. Anne deals with her misbehaving daughter by trying to beat her at her own game. Frankie deals with a homebuyer."
"Kate and Anne team up. Jenny finds herself. Frankie deals with the realities of her new situation."
"Kate is unhappy with her happiness. Anne deals with a tough choice. Jenny wants her old life back. Frankie faces a new crisis."
"Kate faces a new challenge as a working mom. Jenny faces reality. Alice surprises Anne in a positive way. Frankie gives her best shot to resolve things."
Season 2 - Workin' Moms
"Kate wants her job back. Anne thinks Lionel should get a vasectomy. Frankie finds herself at the ladies' wellness center."
"Kate must pretend to be her opposite to make it through a busy day at her two offices. Anne moves into a new office space and discovers she knows her next door neighbor too well. Frankie is a real babe magnet at the Wellness Center."
"Kate's two jobs at Baseline and Gaze clash in an unexpected way. Anne and Brad try hypnotherapy. Ian a moment with Sonia."
"Kate deals with office drama. Anne confronts Kate after she finds out Kate lied to her about having a second job. Frankie takes her young lover Juniper to meet her family and discovers her older lover Dorothy's dominatrix side."
"Kate has difficulty balancing her two jobs. Anne learns her daughter Alice has her first boyfriend. Ian has had enough of Jenny cheating on him. Frankie deals with her two lovers."
"Alice needs Kate's help. Anne deals with her fear of public speaking. Sonia doesn't like Zoe, which troubles Ian. Frankie must chose what to do about her two lovers."
"Kate considers being her own boss and starting a company. Anne has a crazy fan. Sonia and Ian fight. Frankie chooses the right roommate for her."
"Kate fears for her health. Anne and Lionel have secrets. Frankie is working again."
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