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Versailles - Season 1 Episode 1

King Louis XIV of France begins preparations of transitioning his fathers hunting lodge into a grand palace he envisioned.

Episode: 1/10 eps

Duration: 52 mins

Quality: HD

Release: 2015

IMDb: 7.9

Season 1 - Versailles
"King Louis XIV of France begins preparations of transitioning his fathers hunting lodge into a grand palace he envisioned."
"Marie-Th\u00c3\u00a9r\u00c3\u00a8se gives birth to a child, but it's not the King's. Philippe wants to join the fight against the Spaniards. Montcourt is humiliated by King Louis."
"King Louis wishes for the nobility to live at his side in Versailles, so long as they have proof of their nobility. An emissary from Africa appears at Versailles. Cassel recruits Montcourt."
"Highwaymen, led by Montcourt, wind up killing friends of King Louis, including his goddaughter. Fabian is tasked with bringing the killers to justice. Philippe triumphs at Cambrai."
"Philippe returns to Versailles a war hero. Louis holds a celebration, while losing confidence in Fabian due to the constant highway robberies that are impeding the funding of his palace. Cassel refuses to attend the celebration."
"The construction workers at Versailles are on strike. Cassel moves to Versailles after his home is burned. Louis falls ill."
"Louis experiences hallucinations. The Chevalier is arrested. Montcourt continues the robberies in order to fund the conspirators plot against the King. Some of the nobles want Philippe to take Louis's place as king."
"Henriette suffers a miscarriage, but Louis wants her to visit her brother in England for an alliance against the Dutch. The Chevalier, destined for the gallows, is freed. Montcourt foils an assassination just to be reinstated."
"Louis gives Philippe a tedious task that the Chevalier helps him with. Rohan makes his true intentions known. Fabian arrests and punishes B\u00c3\u00a9atrice. Henriette succeeds in the diplomacy in England."
"Duchess Henriette becomes suddenly ill when she returns from a visit to her brother in England. They fear she might have been poisoned, so King Louis XIV shuts all access To Versailles."
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