Highway Thru Hell

The men of Jamie Davis Heavy Rescue fight to keep open some of the most economically important, most traveled and most inhospitable trucking routes in North America.

Duration:46 mins

Quality: HD



Season 4 - Highway Thru Hell
"Casualties of War. When winter strikes, Jamie's crew has to save a snowplow stuck in the grip of an icy river. Jamie pushes further into new territory, changes rock the company and the entire community says goodbye to a Heavy Rescue legend."
"Jamie's new crew in British Columbia struggles with a mangled trailer on a blind and icy corner of highway 3. When Colin slips up on a big recovery in Alberta, Jamie's brother has to take over the job - even though he's new to the rotator."
"When a lumber truck and diesel tanker collide, the flaming wreckage becomes the biggest recovery of Colin's career. As snowstorms pummel the Coquihalla, Al heads up to battle, while another operator faces off against a mangled tractor."
"Al and Gord battle through a stormy night to keep the Coquihalla Highway open for Christmas. A semi plows off a bridge, stranding holiday travelers, and a remote logging road job forces Ken to relive his close call from last year."
"Al Quiring is in a high-pressure race to open the TransCanada Highway before rush hour. Jordie from Mission Towing faces a semi ready to split in two. Jamie Davis is running a race too when a pharmaceutical truck plunges down a bank."
"Freezing rain covers Hope in a thick layer of ice, crippling Jamie's operations. A good friend of Jamie's is called into action when two semis collide head on, leaving wreckage scattered across the TransCanada Highway and a major rail line."
"Al and Gord work to rescue a loaded semi that's teetering on the edge of a 300-foot drop. Colin faces a white-knuckle drive on a remote Alberta back road, and Jamie tests out a new driver, who might be in over his head."
"Jamie and Jason Davis' crews team up for a massive wreck. A close call forces Brandon to reconsider his future. Robert faces down a speeding semi on an icy road. In Alberta, a jackknifed truck gets twisted in unexpected directions."
"Strategies collide when the Davis and Quiring families team up for a recovery on the busiest highway in B.C.. On the Coq, a big rig is left teetering in an impossible position. Mission Towing gets an urgent call while on of a big recovery."
"A simple job turns into a puzzle when a flipped semi pulls Jamie back out on the road. Randy Jacknife faces off against an overturned truck trapped under its load of steel. Matia \"borrows\" Uncle Jamie's Boss Truck for an off-road adventure."
"Al and Gord gamble on a big job that has the highway closed and both green wreckers pushed to the limits. A Mission wrecker is called to solve an underwater mystery. Jamie's crew battles a whiteout to reach a massive chain reaction wreck."
"The cast and crew look back at their accomplishments and how the show changed over the history of the show."
Season 5 - Highway Thru Hell
"Jamie Davis battles a truck fire on The Coq, then reveals big changes to his operation. Jordie welcomes his brother back to the family business as they tackles a vehicle in a river. In Alberta, Colin takes on a hazardous load."
"Mission Towing races to an urgent call on a logging road after a truck tumbles 90 feet into a creek. Jamie Davis deploys air bags to flip a bulging tractor trailer loaded with groceries in Alberta. Scott and Mike try to solve a roadside mystery on the Coq."
"A jackknifed semi-trailer on the edge of a bridge has Jamie Davis and his Heavy Rescue team on one of the most heart stopping wrecks of the season. On an active logging road in BC's Fraser Canyon, Nik and the Mission Towing team race to finish a recovery and open the road before a convoy of equipment reaches them."
"Strong gale force winds hurl a semi truck on Hwy. 1, Quiring and Mission towing work together on the recovery. Robert from Jamie Davis works the snowy Coq. Lead man Scot teams up with Merv from Aggressive to right a tractor trailer. Al Quiring and Gord Boyd go fishing for a giant rock truck."
"The busiest travel week of the year brings Al to clear a burning truck off BC's Coquihalla Highway, while Colin's sent to rescue a truck loaded with Christmas parcels in Alberta, and Nik and Neill work a wreck out of a tight spot."
"Jonny fights to impress boss, Jamie Davis, but a semi stuck in deep snow proves to be a tough recovery. Gord clashes with stubborn truckers then reveals a life-long personal battle and Nik goes off-road to recover an SUV 300ft down a cliff."
"Heavy Recovery legend Al Quiring is pulled into an all-out muddy war to rescue a pair of 40 Ton excavators buried in a BC bog. Jamie and Scott head to a mysterious job. Jordie and Gord try to untangle the crash of a fully loaded farm truck."
"Tough times in Alberta force Colin to weigh his future with Jamie Davis Heavy Rescue; Jordie and his crew race to clear a wreck that's shut down the rail line; Al Quiring is back in the bog for 'Round 2' with a buried excavator."
"Jamie calls in his brother Jason and his rotator to tackle a heavy recovery in the Canyon. Nik and the Mission Towing team juggle a lost load of telephone poles. Emergency responders race to a crash on The Coq involving one of Jamie's crew."
"The Quiring family works together to lift a loaded semi back onto its wheels. One of Jamie's 'towing family' starts to feel the physical and mental toll of heavy rescue. Nik and Neill tackle a twisted B-train that's shut down Highway 7."
"A spectacular crash between two tractor-trailers has Jordie's crew working through the night. Scott is forced to get 'inventive' to finish a job. Al and Gord try to get a handle on a 30-ton cement drum."
Season 6 - Highway Thru Hell
"Winter strikes hard and fast as Jamie Davis and his heavy rescue crew face tough new challenges in Hope, BC. A former operator returns, but a spectacular wreck pushes him to the edge on his first mountain recovery."
"Jamie helps Colin recover a massive wreck near the 'Rock Cut'; Brandon confronts his fears on the big job; and Al Quiring finds a unique way to tackle an overturned truck carrying lava rock."
"A troublesome winch line forces Jamie and his cousin to find a quick fix; big changes for Jordie, as he faces a twisted wreck that crashed through an airport fence; and Al tries to save a logging truck from a rising river."
"A crash in the Fraser Canyon has Colin and crew working below an unstable rock slope. Jamie charts a new course for his business - setting out on a 2,000 km journey. A heavy rescue 'legend' shows up to help Dylan on an icy recovery."
"A winter storm unleashes chaos on all highways around Hope, BC forcing Jamie's team into an all-night battle. Jason and Merv tangle with a loaded semi in the snow-filled Valley but later Merv gets to have some fun on the Coquihalla."
"Jamie's newest classic wrecker 'The Python' is put to the test on a semi embedded in a row of trees. Ken and Dylan fight to recover a flipped logging truck off an icy mountain road. Later Jamie makes a special trip to Mission Towing."
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