Desert Flippers

Wisconsin transplants Eric and Lindsey Bennett are transforming sunny Palm Springs, California one dilapidated house at a time. Renovating 20 properties a year while raising two small children is no small feat, and this couple takes it in stride....

Duration:30 mins

Quality: HD



Season 1 - Desert Flippers
"Eric and Lindsey buy a Palm Springs property sight unseen, but once they get inside they see that it's been trashed by squatters and inhabited by scorpions. Can they turn this home into paradise before their new baby arrives?"
"Eric and Lindsey take on a Tuscan villa with a gutted kitchen, an in-ground pool that's plagued with pests, and overgrown landscaping. During the renovation, they deal with costly mistakes and supply shortages, which lead to unwanted frustration and a ballooning budget."
"A house that's stuck in the past is brought into the future. But not without a few obstacles along the way, including surprise leaks, a landscaping blunder and unwanted guests in the kitchen."
"Eric and Lindsey bust into their new purchase only to realize it may have been boarded up for a reason. Spray painted walls, an unbearable stench and a blustery backyard keep the buyers at bay. Will this arid home be their demise?"
"Eric and Lindsey deal with expensive and unexpected problems, including a leaky pipe and rotting roof, while trying to squeeze a profit out of this flip."
"Eric and Lindsey take on a hilltop house. Included: A utility closet and Eric's concern over the bottom line and a balanced budget pose an obstacle to Lindsey's ideal open-concept design."
"A mid-century flip turns into a modern-day nightmare when Lindsey and Eric uncover an unwelcome surprise behind a locked casita door."
"Eric and Lindsey reach for the sky as they renovate a quaint condominium. However, they run into budget issues due to a broken air conditioning unit."
Season 2 - Desert Flippers
"Lindsey and Eric take a risk by flipping a house on a noisy road."
"Lindsey and Eric buy a property that is lacking in both function and form. They set out to rework the home's funky floor plan. Included: problems like a broken AC system; and a cactus with a mean streak."
"Lindsey and Eric take on the challenge of reviving a mid-century modern home that was abandoned mid-renovation."
"Eric and Lindsey take a chance on a less-than-luxurious home located in a luxury neighborhood. They need to make the home competitive in the tough market, but termites and a rotten overhang threaten to sideline their plan to boost this house to the A-list."
"Lindsey and Eric take a risk buying a home sight unseen."
"Lindsey and Eric purchase a seemingly easy flip, but realize the house is not structurally sound and must make bold decisions."
"Lindsey and Eric's flip project is plagued by windstorms that threaten to blow away any chance of making a profit. The duo completely overhauls the home's existing floor plan with some stunning design ideas."
"Lindsey and Eric go big restoring a termite-infested mid-century gem. The duo makes some bold design choices such as vibrant orange tiles, a pink front door, and a cocktail grove addition in the back yard. They go against the fundamentals of flipping by getting rid of a room to enhance the outdoor living space."
"Lindsey and Eric take on a 1949 semi-open concept ranch house. However, they quickly realize that not everything can withstand the test of time and they must get creative to revamp this old house."
"A mountaintop home that is abandoned mid-renovation looks to be a diamond in the rough for Lindsey and Eric. The house has plenty to work with, but they quickly realize why the previous owner gave up in the first place."
Season 3 - Desert Flippers
"Know what this is about? Be the first one to add a plot."
"Know what this is about? Be the first one to add a plot."
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