Danger UXB

Danger UXB was a 1979 British ITV television series about a squad of Royal Engineers with the duty of defusing unexploded ordnance in England during the Blitz in World War II. It starred Anthony Andrews as Lieutenant Brian Ash, a newly...

Duration:60 mins

Quality: HD



Season 1 - Danger UXB
"Newly-promoted Second Lieutentant Brian Ash joins his new regiment only to find that they are assigned to bomb disposal in London. Ash is thrown in at the deep end when he and his men are sent to a bomb site."
"Ash and Machin are recalled to London from a bomb disposal course and attend to a bomb in a school yard that is dangerously close to a telephone exchange. When another bomb is uncovered close by, Ash reluctantly allows Machin to defuse the first bomb."
"Ash learns how to dispose the new German land mines, thanks to the help of naval experts. The bad news is that Susan has decided to return to her husband."
"A large UXB in the London Underground brings Ash face-to-face with a new type of fuse. Meanwhile, Susan may not be forever lost."
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