Basketball Wives

Being the wife or girlfriend of a professional basketball player has its advantages, from sitting courtside at the Finals to sitting port side on your husband's yacht. But outside the glare of the public spotlight, their lives may not be as...

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Season 1 - Basketball Wives
"Fresh off her highly publicized filing for divorce from megastar basketball legend Shaquille O'Neal, Shaunie O'Neal returns to Miami for a night out with fellow basketball wives and girlfriends."
"Evelyn throws herself a lavish 34th birthday party, which well-meaning Royce nearly tanks with a surprise dance routine. Also, Jen struggles with the idea of sticking it out in her troubled marriage to Eric Williams."
"Evelyn and Jen leave Miami to visit basketball fianc\u00c3\u0083\u00c2\u00a9e Gloria Govan and her soon-to-be hubby Matt Barnes in Orlando. When Jen and Evelyn engage the couple in a discussion of why athletes cheat, drama ensues."
"Emotions get heated and things quickly take an ugly turn when Gloria defends her sister's role in an alleged scandal involving Shaunie. Meanwhile, Jen and Eric look to solve their marital issues with a new luxury home."
"Suzie's efforts to fix up newly-single Evelyn with a local producer crashes with a thud. But not as fast as the relationship between Royce and Gloria once Royce finds out Gloria's been talking about her behind her back."
"Jen's upcoming Haiti benefit inspires Royce to invite the girls to make a difference on a personal level at a local soup kitchen, though Evelyn finds her motives suspect."
"Shaunie returns to Miami to check up on the girls, and galpal Erikka is surprised by lingering feelings when she's reunited with ex-boyfriend and professional basketball player, Rasual Butler."
"Shaunie gives the girls a break from the Miami heat in her new hometown, Los Angeles. But all of them wind up in the hot seat during a season-ending dinner conversation that ends with almost everyone in tears."
"The cast returns to recap, reminisce, and revisit the dramatic first season. A surprise guest shows up, letting residue from a past dispute \"spill\" out onto the reunion stage."
Season 2 - Basketball Wives
"Royce, Jen, Evelyne & Suzie return on Basketball Wives but with a few new faces. This season finds the ladies facing down old issues & new alike, with even more dramatic outbursts & heart rendering emotional moments than before."
"Fallout over Suzie and Evelyn's argument has Suzie on the run to an unexpected source....GLORIA! Also, Tami reintroduces her daughters to father Kenny Anderson after many years apart."
"Shaunie and the ladies launch a surprise ambush on Gloria to find out why her wedding was called off. Jen and Eric finally have \"the talk\" that will alter the course of their relationship forever."
"Evelyn and Jen regret volunteering to help Royce and her man Dwayne with a fashion fundraiser. Also, Tami has some surgery done, helping her to lose pounds and setting the stage to gain a friend."
"Evelyn is back on the dating scene with a date that ends with a miss...and then one with a kiss. The tension between Jen & Eric reaches a new mark."
"Shaunie's surprise announcement of a trip abroad delays Evelyn's connection with flirtatious football icon Chad Ochocinco."
"The ladies' trip to Madrid suffers from both Royce's phantom illness and Tami's sudden mood swings. Jen also finds a romantic mark and the women get piggish on the local cuisine."
"Jen & Ev accuse Royce of playing both sides by also being friends with outsiders Suzie & Ashley. Additionally, Ashley Walker and player Rafer Alston ambush Jen & Ev to prove that they are, in fact, a genuine item."
"Comedian Patrice O'Neal looks back at the top ten moments from Basketball Wives' current season and \"Bonus Beefs\" from season one."
"Evelyn's weekend in Cincinnati with Chad Ochocinco could just be the start of something big. The shocking final act disclosure of a past infidelity links two of the wives and ends the season with an explosive showdown."
"Host John Salley presses the cast on Jen's recent nude photo scandal and Evelyn's romance with superstar football player Chad Ochocinco. The reunion is also rocked by a couple of surprise guests that are sure to cause an uproar."
Season 3 - Basketball Wives
"While Royce is at odds with Evelyn, Jen and Tami are bent on preventing Evelyn from profiting off the hurtful phrase that launched their season-ending brawl. Is it too late to make amends?"
"Suzie's return to the circle upsets Royce. Also, sparks fly when Tami takes Meeka to task for playing both sides."
"Royce's father raises concerns about his daughter's new boyfriend. Evelyn checks out a fertility clinic as she prepares to begin a family with Chad Ochocinco."
"Jen's curiosity and suspicions are piqued when Eric wants to take a meeting with Suzie. Also, more than mallets are swinging when Tami and Meeka get into it at an upscale polo event."
"A trip to the Big Apple turns sour as Evelyn and Tami's beef over Ev's t-shirts resurfaces. Also, Jen agrees to her first date since splitting with Eric and Evelyn reconciles with her long-absent father."
"It's an Italian vacation complete with extra baggage as Evelyn's reaction to a radio interview given by Jen threatens to end their friendship and Tami and Meeka butt heads over loose talk and leaving Royce behind."
"The ladies' trip to Italy explodes as Tami's feud with Meeka reaches the boiling point, and one member of the circle calls it quits over the drama."
"Royce's meeting with Eric makes Jen's blood boil, Chad surprises Evelyn with a unique outing, and Jen finds chemistry on a blind date set up by pal Al Reynolds."
"Chad and Evelyn get into it when Evelyn spots him having lunch with another woman. Also, Jen's wild divorce party heats up when her date for the evening arrives."
"John Salley returns to host another exciting reunion with the first ladies of basketball. Topics include Jen & Eric's divorce & Meeka hoping to set the record straight on what went down this season between her and the cast."
"John Salley coaxes the ladies into dishing more dirt about their drama with Meeka and the status of Evelyn's relationship with Chad is also up for discussion."
Season 4 - Basketball Wives
"The explosive fourth season opens in NY to reveal Jen & Evelyn's ten-year friendship on the rocks. Two new ladies are also introduced to the mix: wife\/aspiring singer Kenya Bell & ex-fiancee\/professional dancer Kesha Nichols."
"Evelyn and Chad meet to discuss social media accusations of infidelity, the ladies discover some shocking videos of Kenya online, and Royce is up for an off-Broadway show."
"Shaunie, Evelyn, & Tami take Kenya to task over throwing Kesha under the bus at her music video auditions, Suzie's behavior at a charity event raises eyebrows, & Tami takes to the therapist's couch to combat her anger issues."
"Tami sees red over Kesha talking behind her back. Also, the ladies are conspicuously absent from one of Jen's lip gloss launch events."
"Shaunie's birthday party goes south when Evelyn attacks Jen over loyalty and how she's changed in the spotlight of fame. Also, Suzie and Royce drop in on Kesha's family farm in North Carolina while en route to Miami."
"The fallout from Jen and Ev's confrontation at Shaunie's birthday party continues, and Ev lays into Kenya for calling her \"loose.\""
"Kenya tries to explain herself after some nasty gossip loops back to Evelyn, but things really heat up when Kesha brings in a friend to corroborate her version of the story."
"Evelyn and Kenya's feud over loose talk escalates to the point of no return. Also, Suzie's penchant for peacemaking returns as she takes a stab at squashing Royce and Jen's beef."
"A trip to the races turns explosive when Evelyn's friend and assistant Nia challenges Jen's recent behavior. Also, Tami and her mother work through some of their issues."
"Fallout from Evelyn, Jen, and Nia's altercation at the racetrack deepens the divides within the group. Also, Royce introduces boyfriend Dezmon Briscoe to the girls."
"Evelyn and Chad discuss their upcoming wedding while Royce and her father get into it over Royce's relationship with football player Dezmon Briscoe."
"The ladies leave Miami behind for a girls' trip to Tahiti, setting the stage for an epic showdown between Tami and Kesha."
"The girls play a practical joke on Kenya. Also, Tami and Kesha's conflict escalates, driving one of them to cut their island vacation short."
Season 6 - Basketball Wives
"Jackie throws a party to celebrate becoming a grandmother but a confrontation with Tami spoils the evening. Shaunie supports Evelyn as she begins her IVF treatment. Tami hosts a book signing and leaves Jackie off the guest list."
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"Know what this is about? Be the first one to add a plot."
"Know what this is about? Be the first one to add a plot."
"Tami suggests the ladies embark on a trip to New York City. Evelyn takes Shaunie on a trip down memory lane in the Bronx. Jackie pushes Evelyn to her breaking point and all hell breaks loose at drinks."
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"Know what this is about? Be the first one to add a plot."
"Know what this is about? Be the first one to add a plot."
"Know what this is about? Be the first one to add a plot."
Season 7 - Basketball Wives
"Evelyn and Jackie show off their revenge bodies. Tammy is busy with a performance on \"Nick Cannon Present: Wild 'N Out.\""
"Evelyn makes a decision about her frozen embryos. Tami is suspicious about Jen. A rumor is spread about CeCe."
"CeCe invites the ladies to a spa day. OG has a party."
"Jackie seeks therapy. OG has a disagreement with Kristen. Shaunie's marijuana dispensary is the latest family business."
"The ladies are not warming up to OG. CeCe brings old drama to Malaysia's wig party."
"OG and her man are not in agreement about marriage. Malaysia's fights to keep her family together. Jen goes to see a fertility specialist. A rumor threatens the group."
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