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American Ninja Warrior - Season 9 Episode 7

Competitors face three new obstacles called Bouncing Spider, Rail Runner and Ninjago Roll.

Episode: 7/15 eps

Duration: 40 mins

Quality: HD

Release: 2009

IMDb: 6.9

Season 9 - American Ninja Warrior
"Nine celebrities pair off with elite ninjas, who help them prepare mentally and physically for the obstacle course."
"In the first qualifying round from Los Angeles, competitors must tackle six obstacles, including Cannonball Drop and Battering Ram; American Ninja Warrior (2009) veterans Kevin Bull and Grant McCartney return for another shot at completing the course."
"Indy car driver Conor Daly and Olympic gold medalist Jonathan Horton are among the competitors in San Antonio who tackle two new obstacles: the Spinning Bridge and Sky Hooks."
"Competitors tackle six obstacles, including the brand new Rolling Pin and Wingnuts; veteran American Ninja Warrior (2009) fan favorites Jessie Graff, Drew Drechsel and J.J. Woods return; NASCAR drive Ben Kennedy takes on the course for the first time."
"Competitors face six challenging obstacles, including the Hang Glider, Broken Pipes and Crank It Up; veterans Lance Pekus, Brandon Mears and Dan Polizzi return; Olympic decathlete Jeremy Taiwo takes on the course."
"Competitors tackle Razor's Edge and I-Beam Gap; returning players include the \"fantastic four\" from last season; Alyssa Beird, Rachel Goldstein, Jesse \"Flex\" Labreck and Michelle Wamky."
"Competitors face three new obstacles called Bouncing Spider, Rail Runner and Ninjago Roll."
"The top 30 competitors from the Los Angeles qualifier tackle obstacles, including the Salmon Ladder, Stair Hopper, Swinging Peg Board and Elevator Climb."
"Competitors will face the Salmon Ladder, Hourglass Drop, Elevator Climb, and new obstacle Spinball Wizard; veteran ninjas Kacy Catanzaro, Daniel Gil and Brent Steffensen return."
"Contestants tackle obstacles including the Salmon Ladder, Circuit Board, Elevator Climb and new obstacle Giant Cubes."
"The top 30 competitors from the Cleveland city qualifier compete on one of the world's most challenging obstacle courses."
"The top 30 competitors from Kansas City, Mo. vie for a chance to compete in the national finals."
"The top 30 competitors from the Denver qualifier compete one more time before the national finals in Las Vegas."
"The season's top competitors compete in the national finals in Las Vegas."
"National finals continue in Las Vegas, where the season's top competitors tackle a four-stage course."
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